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Each netsuke has a detailed description that places the subject in the context of Japanese life and history, and gives important information about the carver or technique.The enormous variety of netsuke subjects are thoroughly examined, including famous battles and samurai, kabuki and noh actors and plays, scandalous stories, animals and imaginary creatures, Buddhist sages, and Shinto rituals.

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Each piece is given a brief description with insights into the artists and subject matter. Click here for more information & order form Ninety-nine Netsuke and One Inro Published by Sagemonoya (Yabane Co., Ltd.) in October 2004 Captions in English and Japanese Sale catalog with beautiful illustrations of 1 inro and 99 netsuke that are high in quality and richly varied in subjects and materials.This catalog provides a rare opportunity to see some of these incredible works of art never seen or seldom shown before. Wright 94 netsuke, 2 sceptres and 48 ojime, illustrated in colour, often from several angles, and discussed at length by the three authors. Available through Sagemonoya (Yabane Co., Ltd.) at the following address: Yotsuya 4-28-20-703 Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004, Japan.Swayne and Harry Fee, and the recent donation by Richard R.Silverman, one of the most important collectors of netsuke.The works range from mythological creatures to animals of the zodiac, and from legendary personages to representations of common people. Personal checks and all major credit cards accepted.

The accompanying text provides the historical and mythological background indispensable to understanding this miniature art form. Please contact Scholten Japanese Art at [email protected]: The French Connection Like Faberge eggs or Lalique jewelry, the elegant Netsuke shown in this catalogue, many of them from present and past French collections, prove once again that size is no criterion for judging artistic excellence.Shelton Ichiro: Master Netsuke Carver features more than 150 netsuke by a single artist, one of the largest single-artist netsuke collections in the world. The pieces displayed here are among the finest examples in private hands and certainly rival those of the world’s major museum collections. Netsuke: The Tokyo Meiko Kagami , Tokyo Living Masters List by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in December 1879 Edited and translated by Shingo Yamaguchi The "Tokyo Meiko Kagami (Tokyo Living Masters List)" is historic material published by the YURINDO Company (Minami-denma-Cho, Tokyo) after investigation and editing by the Industry Promotion Division of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government in December 1879.In addition to the Shelton Collection, the book features netsuke from the collections of Robert O. Included are over 50 netsuke, 39 inro with netsuke, and nearly 20 other sagemono. The Masters of each crafts fields, living in Tokyo in early stages of Meiji era, were recorded in a 477 page book....This book brings together one hundred of the most beautiful and interesting netsuke from the extensive collection of the British Museum, each of which has its own special charm and story to tell.Uncovering the stories behind these netsuke and coupling them with stunning new photography, this book reveals why these tiny objects have captivated so many, the meaning they have held for those who wore them, and what they can tell us about Japanese everyday life.Distributed in UK & Europe by ARBONLAMBERT PUBLISHING, 59 St John’s Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 9TT email: [email protected]: America & Rest of World .00 Distributed in North America & the Rest of the World by ART MEDIA RESOURCES INC.