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You’ll save a bucket load of moola when you make your own barn door hardware.Heir apparent to the Lucian throne, Noctis's trials begin when he sets forth from the crown city in order to wed Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. Continue to work by building up more grapevine around the beach ball.

Don’t try to sneak the beach ball out after the grapevine ball is complete.

I prep a bunch of pre-cut wire, so I am not wrangling with the wire cutters, wire, ball, and grapevine all at once.

I usually scramble around the house or barn and look for random chains.

You can now add a chain or rope to hang your balls.

As you wrap the beach ball with the grapevine, secure it with your pre cut wire to ensure a solid hold. Don’t sweat it too much if you don’t get all the grapes and leaves off the grapevine ball. Like a baby belly button, except that was a gross analogy.

Just keep adding the grapevine, in circles around the ball, like you are rolling a ball of wool. Something like what the green giant would use to knit a sweater. When you are finished , you need to stand back and admire it. After all that celebrating, I forgot to take photos of what it looks like to string the twinkle lights on it.

One box of 50 white/clear mini lights is a good amount to use per ball.

If you spray paint your grapevine balls white, that next.

You will not need this chain or rope if you are placing the grapevine balls on the ground, in the garden.

Chain, twine, rope &/or extension cord to hang the balls from the trees.

Pick a floral wire gauge like what you see in the photographs below.