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Rush aims to bring a number of different esports tournaments and activities together under one roof.

This multi-tournament, multi-platform, multi-game event will give visitors the opportunity to experience the exciting world of competitive video gaming first-hand.

However, a few lucky people have …One of humanity’s greatest strengths is its ingenuity.

Deerpark CBS is located in one of the older neighborhoods in Ireland and is reported to be a sight of multiple hauntings.Originally populated by Vikings in the year 990, it was later taken over by Prince John, Lord of Ireland in the 1100s.The city also holds one of the oldest monasteries in Ireland.At the start of the captured video footage, a door wildly swings open, idling for a moment before slamming shut moments later.That strength however, can also lead to inexplicable horrors.

The human race continually bests itself in means of destruction …Instagram has received a lot of criticism for the negative impact it has on young people’s mental health, but one woman is crediting the social media platform for helping her overcome a six-year battle with anorexia.

Searching your favorite TV series your looking for, If your using windows PC or laptop you can use “Ctrl F” and type the title your looking for or you can simply click the letter that starts the title your looking for.

All TV series available for you are listed below to watch.

22-year-old Emelle Lewis spiraled into a dangerous eating disorder when she was only 15 …Some breakups can be tough and brutal but mature adults are able to overcome these challenges.

While some people actively avoid their ex in real life and on social media, others are much more comfortable with being around their significant other’s former partner.

Even if you’re not a serious competitive gamer, there’ll be competitions for which you can sign up, giving you the chance to win prizes for showing off your gaming skills.