Innsbruck hookup Six updater dayz not updating

At this point a monitor and keyboard connected to the server will be needed to complete the update process.

Upon connecting a monitor to the Xen Server, the Xen Server control panel page should be visible.

At this point, the local media will need to be mounted to be accessible to Xen Server.

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The only prerequisite for this patch is that Xen Server 6.5 be installed (which should be covered already).

The file can be downloaded via http or via the wget tool.

At this point, the update file is accessible to the server and ready to be installed using the ‘xe‘ command.

The first thing to do is prepare the patch file and obtain the UUID of the patch file with the ‘xe patch-upload‘ command. The box in red above is the output from the above command and will be needed when ready to actually install the patch to the Xen Server system.

Assuming that the system didn’t throw out any errors, the USB device should now be mounted to the ‘/mnt‘ directory.

Change to this directory and make sure that the update file is indeed showing up in this directory.

Local in this instance means that the administrator has put the update files onto a CD/DVD/USB or similar device and will physically connect this media to the Xen Server needing updated.

This guide is going to walk through installing the Xen Server 6.5 SP1 patch both using local media as well as remotely sending the update files to the server and then updating remotely.

That being said, these updates aren’t applied automatically by default and require administrator interaction. Many times patches will provide increased functionality to the virtual machines hosted on the Xen Server.

Applying these updates is typically very easy and straight forward and can be done remotely or with local media (local to the Xen Server).

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.