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Animated advertisements were part of the early GEICO Direct ads as well as the "Dumb Things" campaign.

The 15-second long commercials, animated by Bill Plympton, featured a curious little man walking up to an object and eventually getting hurt due to his curiosity of the object.

Park Pictures duo Terri Timely directed and "very early on pinpointed the tone of these, which was that we were making fun of ads in a certain way," Mr. "It was very stock photography-y, and once they identified that, they ran with it." "It's almost taking the clichés of advertising and shoving all those in -- not only visually, but the music too," said Senior VP-Group Creative Director Steve Bassett. All those things that have become advertising clichés worked in our favor." Postproduction played a key role.

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Geico keeps making its preroll ads as entertaining as possible, mostly by acknowledging that you probably don’t want to watch them at all.In its latest preroll campaign from The Martin Agency, that means condensing the ads down to nothing—by crushing them very literally indeed.“The following ad is being condensed for your viewing convenience,” the familiar Geico voiceover says at the beginning of each spot.On the family spot, for example, "our Flame artist was able to roto[scope] out the noodles and move them around at normal speed, so you didn't feel the subtle speed ramps," he said."It took a lot of time and effort and never have we had so much discussion about noodles before." The team had two dogs on the set, fearing that after a few takes, the first one, Bolt, would have had his fill of spaghetti. Geico Senior Marketing Director Amy Furman said the ads have clocked more than 14 million views, and clearly got people to check out Geico.The wall on the left side of the scene then begins to move right, amusingly crushing everything in its path—Star Wars trash compactor style—as the talent scrambles to contain the damage, or just get out of the way.

Check out a bunch of the ads here, including some extended versions: Geico has been making fun and innovative prerolls for a few years, beginning with “Unskippable,” which memorably put the ending of the ads at the beginning.

But in the end he really went to town, leading to the scene that made the final cut. "The campaign ran during some record-level mobile and online quote time frames, and I think that can be attributed back to the campaign," she said.

Moreover, "there was a huge amount of sharing, not the kind we always get when repurposing our TV ads." Ann-Christine Diaz is the editor of Creativity and has been covering the creative side of the advertising/marketing industry for more than ten years.

Second, it promoted a straightforward (and boring) savings message.

Third, the Geico logo was unabashedly huge in the middle of the screen. And finally, the videos even dared to tell viewers: "You can't skip this ad." Why?

"Unskippable" injected innovation into the otherwise creatively barren world of pre-roll ads with its series of boring, everyday scenes made utterly watchable -- and hilarious.