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They don’t know how to behave themselves around women like my Natasha. In one of the shops Nat liked one Arabian dress, which reminded the fairy tale “The thousand and One nights”. ” Those guys understood we were getting really annoyed and asked me to take a picture of them with my wife.

Such a caring sales man pulled the dress on my wife above her clothes. They promised to give her a really nice present afterwards.

As soon as we started walking away the guy, the owner of the shop called us back and offered to go in for the evening sale. We understood why the shop was closed…There were four guys sitting on the sofa and one girl…A very young girl; I presume she was about 19. I came closer but she didn’t pay attention at me…she was totally into the conversation with the guy. I heard her telling him she was waiting for me-her husband. I desired to see my wife getting screwed by that African!

She was naked and got really embarrassed when we came in. He said, he would love to meet the lucky man and that made her flattered. He was putting the delight on her lips with his fingers. One more time and he put his finger inside her mouth… In a minute or two I quit filming and decided to go back to the first shop, where we saw the young girl.

That day, my wife was wearing a long skirt with a huge cut on the side, kind of conservative but actually calling, to be honest.

And on top she had a long-sleeve see-through blouse…As if they were joking they would sneak in their nasty hands on her ass or her tits.At first, my wife was getting pissed off, but we both understood that this was how the local guys were.Her name turned out to be symbolical to the Egyptians. After we got enough of sunbathing, swimming and making love we decided to go down to the Old City for shopping.Natasha- just like in Turkey they call all the Russian girls… There is a huge market to buy all kinds of spices, souvenirs and clothes of course.By chance, I noticed the big mirror in front of my wife. and Nat didn’t even resist…instead…she slowly moved her ass in time with his finger. Natasha didn’t say anything, and I decided to wait and see if she had enough balls to tell me.